April 23rd 2020, 3-6pm @ Watt Center

Clemson's Premiere Show and Tell

Come check it out!

Makerday is a celebration of Clemson's creators, innovators and doers. It is an opportunity for any student, club, or organization to show off

things that they have created this past year.

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Nothing is off limits!

We've had virtual reality demos, off-road cars, 3D printed armor, homemade instruments, and much more.

We want YOU, sign up and bring out what you've created!

Be a part of the making!

Screen print a FREE T-shirt, design your own laser-engraved token, and even experience Virtual Reality! There’s lots to explore and do.

Did we mention free food? Oh yeah, FREE FOOD!!!

Makerday 8 website no BG_Website.png
Makerday 8 website no BG_Website.png
Other Activities!
- Check out Medical Devices 3D-Printed by Nursing
- Learn how to produce Biodiesel from cooking oil
- Get a personal poem written about you
- Create amazing art with 3D-Pens
- And so much more!
If you're interested in showing off what you've done this semester sign up HERE!