Sticker Printer Tutorial

 Step 1: Setting up your design 


Create your sticker design

You have lots of options for creating a sticker design:


Download an existing image file

Find an image that you want to make a sticker from, like the Clemson tiger paw. Save the file to your computer.


Create your own design

Use Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Express, Canva, or any other program to make your design.

Check out our guides on Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Express if you need help. When you're done creating your design, save your file as a .png


Open Adobe Illustrator

This is easier to do on the computers in the Adobe Studio & Makerspace but you can prep it on your own computer too.


Create a new file in Illustrator

Create a new file using the blue "New File" button on the left.

Change the document measurements to "inches" instead of "points". Set the width and height to approximately what you want your sticker size to be.


Import your design 

Select File > Open in the menu bar or simply drag and drop your design into your Illustrator file.


Adjust the size of your design

The size of the design in Illustrator will be the size of the sticker when you print it. You can adjust the size via measurements by selecting the image and “transforming” the size in the “Width” and “Height” boxes (Ex: type “3 in”) and the width will change to 3".


Create a cut contour line

Once you have sized your image, we will need to create a “CutContour” for the printer to follow. This will be the path the printer takes when cutting the border of your sticker. 

The most basic way to create this CutContour is to use a generic shape like a rectangle. Use the shape tool to create the line that you want to cut. 

If you want a custom shape, you can use the pen tool or any other path.


Cut contour settings


Adjust the artboard

Select the artboard tool in the tool menu. Then, drag the corners of your artboard project to hug your cut line (but not to touch it).


Save as a .pdf

Go to File > Save As 

Change the document type to .PDF from the adobe file type in the drop down menu.

Adobe may warn you about saving it as a PDF instead of as an adobe file. This is what we want. Select “Save PDF”. This file is now ready to be imported to VersaWorks and printed onto the sticker vinyl!

 Step 2: Versaworks 

Versaworks is a Raster Image Processor (RIP) and print management software that comes bundled with the Roland BN-20. In the makerspace, this program serves as the link between your design and being able print it. 


Open Versaworks

Open Versaworks on the makerspace computer on the far right, that is closest to the Roland sticker printer. This is the only computer that has Versaworks.

Press enter on the keyboard to log into the Makerspace account  - do not use your own Clemson account.


Add file to Versaworks

Go to File > Add Job to Queue > Queue A

Only use this Queue to ensure your stickers will print correctly.

Once imported, your file will be listed at the bottom of the queue. 


Adjust position

When selected, information of your file, such as the size and print options will be listed to the right of the list. 

To adjust where the sticker is printed, click on the gear icon on the bottom left of the Job List section of the screen. This is important to avoid printing over an area that has already been used. 

In the Job Settings window, you are able to scale and position your design to how you see fit as well as see how those changes are reflected. In addition, this window will also display the cutting lines of your design, which will appear. It is important to ensure that your design would be able to be fully printed and cut, especially when working with areas that have previously been cut.

Placement of design via VersaWorks
Top view of Roland VersaStudio BN-20


Save adjustments

Once all the desired modifications have been made, select OK (highlighted) to exit the Job Settings window and save your changes.

 Step 3: Printing your sticker- See a Makerspace Intern 

Now that the file is in the print queue and the print location has been set, a Makerspace intern will help you prepare the printer. 

This part of preparation is very important as misuse of the printer will cause damage to the printer.


Adjust sticker paper

Unlock the printer rolling latch located to the right side of the roll, and move the paper till you feel there is enough space in the location you chose for the sticker to be fully printed without printing over already removed vinyl/previous print locations.



On the computer, select your file in Queue A and select the printer icon. You will be asked the number of copies you would like to make. 

You should see your print be placed into the print queue, and the printer should begin moving.


Wait for ink to dry

Once the printer is done and ejects the paper, wait at least two minutes for the ink to dry, and use a provided picking tool to pick at the edge of the cut out vinyl until you can remove the dry sticker with your hand.

We recommend adhering the sticker immediately after printing, or placing the sticker on cooking wax paper for transportation and re-adhering at a different time.

Next Steps

Now you are eligible to take the quiz! After passing the quiz you will be able to use the sticker printer.

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