Cricut Vinyl Cutter Tutorial

The Cricut can be used by any user who has completed the General Workshop safety Certification and the Vinyl Cutter Quiz. 

Welcome to the Cricut! It is less advanced than the Silhouette and is more beginner friendly while still doing an excellent job!

 Step 1: Setting up your design 


Create your vinyl cutter design

You have lots of options for creating a sticker design:


Download an existing image file

Find an image that you want to make a sticker from, like the Clemson tiger paw. Save the file to your computer.


Create your own design

Use Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Express, Canva, or any other program to make your design.

Check out our guides on Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Express if you need help. When you're done creating your design, save your file as a .png


Open Cricut Design Studio on one of the makerspace computers


Select "New Projects


Import / create design

If you're going to upload a design, click "Upload" on the left side of the page.

There are also hundreds of free designs under Projects>Free


Select image type

Once you uploaded your design, there are 3 different complexity options to choose from when you upload a photo Simple, Moderately Complex, and Complex. These show different levels of the program's recognition of your object. Click on each and choose the one that shows the logo you wish to cut the clearest. 

Then click Next


Select cuts

Here you will be able to choose what the machine will cut and what will be ignored. Use the "Select and Erase" tool or the "Eraser" tool to erase areas. 

Think of Select and Erase as a point eraser and the eraser as a variable sized eraser. If you click an area that needs to be a hole in your design (like the center of an O) then it will "erase" this entire area.

In the example below, after erasing the Tiger, the machine will cut his outline.

When you're done, click Continue

Image after rough erasing

Image after rough erasing-preview of cut


Click Cut

On the "Print and Cut or Cut" Screen, you will select the "Cut" option and then click "Upload". This image will now be found in your image database.

Our machine cannot print, so the only option is to cut.


Select your image > click "Insert Image"


Make it

When your image is ready to be cut, click "Make It" in the top right corner. This will take you to the set up page for the cutter or the "Prepare" Screen.


Prep file

Select the mat you wish to use, usually 12x12" but we also have 12x24", position your image on the screen, and hit "Continue". 

Next you will see a processing screen. Follow those instructions and begin to set up the vinyl cutter itself.

 Step 2: Setting up the cutter 


Turn the machine on using the power button


If the machine is closed, press the "Open" button


Put vinyl on your mat

Place your vinyl on the cricut cutting mat, ensuring that it is even and well secured to the mat.


Loading the mat

 Step 3: Cutting your design 


Set the material for cutting

Ensure that the proper material is selected on the dial on the right side of the vinyl cutter.


Select start

If your design has already been sent over to the machine, click the blinking cricut symbol (middle button on the right side) and wait for your design to be completed.


Release mat when done

Once completed, press the lit up double arrow once more for the machine to eject the cutting mat.

 Step 4: Finishing your design 



The complexity of finishing your sticker is dependent on the complexity of the design you chose. If you have chosen a design with lots of small components this portion of the process may take significantly longer than a simple logo. This process is called "weeding".


Transfer tape

If you have a lot of little pieces and want them to stay in the proper configuration, you can transfer your vinyl to transfer tape.



Next Steps

Now you are eligible to take the quiz! Note that a few questions come from the Silhouette Vinyl Cutter section. 

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