3D Scanner


The Artec Eva 3D scanner is a structured light scanner used for making quick and accurate 3D models of medium sized objects. Thanks to its handheld nature the Artec Eva is light and versatile. With a 3D accuracy of up to 0.1 mm, it is the perfect too to scan any object between the size of a baseball and a human body. 

3D Scanner Overview 

There are many practical applications for using a 3D scanner. These applications range from artistic purposes to technical purposes. A 3D scanner can be used to scan the human body to help fabricate a customized prosthetic limb. Manufacturing plants use 3D scanning to quickly measure their equipment to ensure that it is still within company specifications. Tesla uses the Artec Eva to capture data from their cars after a crash test. There is a wide range of possibilities when using the Artec Eva 3D scanner, so be creative and have fun!


General safety training

Complete the Makerspace's General Safety Training + the General Safety Quiz + the Waiver Agreement


3D Scanner training

Complete the 3D scanner tutorial. Complete and pass the 3D scanner quiz.


Reserve the 3D Scanner

Just like the laser cutter, the 3D scanner requires a reservation. Visit the "Reservations" tab to do this. 


Use the 3D Scanner in Watt

Our 3D scanner can be found in the Watt Makerspace. When you show up for your reserved time slot, let the intern working know and they will show you how to get started. 

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