All of the tools below are available in the Clemson Makerspace, which is a student-run organization that runs the Watt Makerspace and Cooper Makerspace. Makerspaces are interdisciplinary collaboration spaces that make high and low-tech tools available to everyone. The Clemson Makerspace is free to use for everyone in the Clemson community.

Click on each tool to learn specific steps to get trained and use it. 

Before you can use any of the equipment below, you must complete the required safety training plus the specific equipment training!

A 3D Printer is a manufacturing tool used to create three-dimensional artifacts that have been designed on a computer. The most common type of 3D printing is Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), which works by depositing melted plastic layer by layer from the bottom up to create an object - imagine that is like a fancy, computerized hot glue gun. 

The laser cutter/engraver uses a laser beam to cut or engrave wood, plastic, and other materials. Think of it as super precise, intense burning. 

The sticker printer lets you print, cut, and create high-quality custom stickers. The sticker printer is easy to use. 

The vinyl cutter (also called a die cutter) is a simple machine that can cut precise shapes out of sticker material, paper, thin plastic, or even fabric. It is entry level and beginner friendly.

The fabric printer can print onto light colored fabric, including t-shirts, tote bags, and socks. The machine is very simple and easy to use!

The sewing/embroidery machine can operate as a standard sewing machine to stitch fabric together and as a computerized embroidery machine.

The Button Maker allows you to create buttons out of printed designs. We will provide the button making materials, you will just need to bring in a design printed on copy paper. 

The Artec Eva 3D scanner is a structured light scanner used for making quick and accurate 3D models of medium sized objects.

The Othermill is a portable, precise milling machine that allows you to create 2D and 3D objects out of durable materials, such as wood, metal, and plastic, using digital designs.