Ricoh Fabric Printer


The Ricoh Ri100 is a direct-to-garment printer that will print designs onto light-colored, cotton fabrics. The most common use is for t-shirts and tote bags, but there are endless possibilities. 

It can print designs up to 8.5x12". 

Fabric considerations: Fabric must be at least 50% cotton. Fabric must fit into the tray - tshirts will fit fine, but something like a tablecloth will not. There is a separate tray to print small and thin items like sleeves and socks. Fabric must be able to be flat, so it is not possible to print on something like a hat. You could print patches and then sew them onto a hat. 

Design considerations: This fabric printer does not have white ink. If there is white in the design, the printer will not deposit ink, so the color of the fabric will show through. Thus, we recommend printing onto white or light-colored fabrics.

Fabric Printer Rules

Fabric Printer Operating Steps

The Ricoh Ri100 contains both a fabric printer and finisher. The finisher is a heat press, which smooths the fabric before it is printed on, and then heat presses it to allow it to be washed. Using the fabric printer requires these steps:

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