Vinyl Cutters


The vinyl cutter (also called a die cutter) is a simple machine that can cut precise shapes out of sticker material, paper, thin plastic, or even fabric. It is entry level and beginner friendly.

Create your design in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Express, Canva or any other design program. 

The vinyl cutters are located in the Adobe Studio & Makerspace. There are two vinyl cutters: the Cricut Explore Air 2 and the Silhouette Cameo. They are very similar. The Cricut is slightly easier and the Silhouette has a few more custom features. You can choose which vinyl cutter to use.

If you need help at any point, just ask one of the Makerspace interns! We are very friendly and we are here to help.


Cut vinyl stickers. Notice that, unlike the sticker printer, you can only cut outlines on the vinyl cutter (not print in different colors).
You can also use the vinyl cutters to use cardstock, paper, or thin plastic.

Vinyl Cutter Overview


General safety training

Complete the Makerspace's General Safety Training + the General Safety Quiz + the Waiver Agreement


Vinyl cutter training

Complete the training for the Silhouette or the Cricut. Complete and pass the vinyl cutter quiz.


Create your design

Use Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Express, Canva, or any other program to make your design.

Check out our guides on Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Express if you need help.


Visit the Makerspace

When you’re ready to make your design, visit the Adobe Studio & Makerspace. You do not need a reservation to use the vinyl cutter.



Load your file onto the computer in the Adobe Studio. Ask one of the interns for assistance with the next steps.

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