Othermill CNC Machine


The Othermill is a portable, precise milling machine that allows you to create 2D and 3D objects out of durable materials, such as wood, metal, and plastic, using digital designs. This computer-numerical-controlled (CNC) machine comes with easy-to-use software and all the tools and materials you need to get started. 

After completing the tutorial and quiz, a reservation is required to use the CNC machine. Reservations can be made through the "reservations" tab on this website. 

The CNC machine is located in the Watt Makerspace.

If you need help at any point, just ask one of the Makerspace interns! We are very friendly and we are here to help.


General safety training

Complete the Makerspace's General Safety Training + the General Safety Quiz + the Waiver Agreement


CNC Mill training

Complete the CNC Mill Tutorial. Complete and pass the Othermill CNC Quiz.


Make a reservation

When you’re ready to use the CNC Mill, make a reservation using the reservation tab on this website.


Visit the Watt Makerspace

Come to your reservation on time in the Watt Makerspace and use the CNC machine!

Ready to get started?

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