Embroidery/Sewing Machine


The Brother SE1800 sewing/embroidery machine lets you sew or create computerized embroidery.

The sewing/embroidery is located in the Adobe Studio & Makerspace.

Brother SE1800

If you need help at any point, just ask one of the Makerspace interns! We are very friendly and we are here to help.


Use the machine to make sewing projects like shirts and bags
Use the machine to create custom or pre-loaded embroidery designs

Sewing/Embroidery Machine Overview


Gather your equipment

Gather the equipment needed (embroidery machine, embroidery frame, fabric, stabilizer, thread, embroidery attachment, etc.)


Load your fabric into the embroidery hoop

Place the fabric between the two sides of your chosen embroidery frame and tighten the screw until the fabric makes a drum sound when tapped


Assemble the embroidery attachment

Attach the embroidery attachment to the machine by removing the sewing component and sliding the embroidery component into place


Attach the embroidery hoop

Place the embroidery frame onto the embroidery attachment till you hear a clicking sound so you know it's secure


Check your thread

Make sure to thread the desired thread color into the correct area by following the numbered path


Turn on machine and set design

Next, turn the embroidery machine on and select either a preset or imported design


Start the embroidery

Lower the presser foot and press the button that looks like a needle, this will start the embroidery process


When done, remove the frame

When the design is finished, gently put the presser foot up and remove your embroidery frame. After removing the embroidery frame cut the extra string and take your fabric out of your embroidery frame.

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