Clemson's hub for hands-on projects and community


Bring your ideas to life at the Clemson Makerspace, Clemson University's premiere student-run makerspace. 

We offer high-end, hands-on equipment and technology to the Clemson community. All of our technology available is free for anyone with a valid Clemson CUID to use, and our staff of interns is here to help. In the Clemson Makerspace, we are a team dedicated to the quality and service to users. 

The Clemson Makerspace consists of TWO locations: Watt Makerspace and Adobe Studio & Makerspace, as well as one machine in the Cook Engineering Lab. Check our hours page to find out our current open times.

Getting Started 

We are so glad you are here and we want to help you build confidence with our machines. 

Here's how to get started:


Complete the mandatory General Safety Training + General Safety Quiz 


Complete the Specialized Equipment Training for the equipment you want to use, like the 3D Printers or the Laser Cutter.


Some equipment requires completing an equipment quiz to be able to use (3D printing, laser cutting, vinyl cutter). Some equipment does not (button maker, hand tools). The Laser Cutter also requires in-person training. No other equipment requires in-person training.


After completing the training and the quizzes, visit the Makerspace (at Watt or Cooper) to use the equipment! Please join us any time the Makerspace is open. Some of our equipment, mainly our laser cutters, require reservations.

Ready to go? 

Continue to the required training:


Check out the workshops page for information on workshops and to see some of our past workshops!