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We're Hiring! and Other News

Good morning everyone. As of this morning, we are officially hiring for the Fall 2020 semester. Do you love the Makerspace? Are you in need of a job? Maybe you just enjoy looking at 3D printers? Then the Makerspace is the right job for you. You'll have the opportunity to do a variety of different projects, such as printer maintenance, customer service, and more. You can apply at the 'Apply' tab in the menu of this website, but I'll also include it here .

In other news, the Makerday 8 page is up and running! If you'd like to show off a print you've made, or an electronics project you're proud of, or want to display your lasercut portrait collection, then go ahead and sign up for a table in the Makerday tab.

Finally, and I'm sure you've all heard the talk of the world today: Coronavirus. With the possibility of the school closing for any amount of time, so too will the Makerspace. This Friday, March 13, we will be officially powering down The Space for spring break, which means all prints will need to be completed and picked up BEFORE 5 pm this Friday!! We will provide updates from the website for as long as we are closed, and in preparation for when we are open again. Thanks for your understanding and have a great Spring Break!!

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