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December 3rd 2020, 3-6pm 

Clemson's Premiere (Virtual) Show and Tell

Makerday is here!

Clemson's Premiere Show-and-Tell will be entirely virtual this semester! to make things as smooth as possible for everyone, we've added instructions to help you get connected below. We've also added links to all presentations, videos, and virtual meetings further down, so don't forget to check those out as well if you want to see something specific!

How to Access
Makerday 9:

Click the button below to be redirected to the Sign-in form. Don't worry, you'll still be able to sign in even if you aren't a Clemson student.

After completing the form, you'll be redirected to the virtual Hubs Space, where you can explore 3D models and presentations from Clemson Nursing, The Clemson Makerspace, Rocket Engineering, DIAL, and Clemson Architecture. Or, if you choose, navigate to the presentations shown on the right

After your visit, complete the optional feedback form to tell us how your experience was.

And that's it! Just click this button to get started. Still have questions? Visit the Makerspace Help Desk by clicking the Help Desk link below.





Clemson Makerspace

  • Puzzle Feeder

  • Various Makerspace Projects

  • SC Planter

  • Pediatric Surgery Education

Clemson Nursing

  • Educational Pancreas Model

  • Urine Collection Innovation

  • Giving the Greenlight: Turnover Time

  • Safe and Accessible Examination Tables

  • Fall Prevention

  • Improving Communication in Healthcare

  • Fall Risks within Hospital Systems

  • Lid for "Hat" Specimen Collector

  • Music Stimulation for Babies in Neonatal ICU

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Rocket Engineering

  • Rocket Engineering

Digital Interactive Arts Lab

  • Generative Art

Clemson Architecture


Come check it out!

Makerday is a celebration of Clemson's creators, innovators and doers. It is an opportunity for any student, club, or organization to show off

things that they have created this past year. This year will be different than previous years in that Makerday 9 is entirely VIRTUAL, complete with Interactive 3D Objects and live presentations via Zoom. 


Virtual Makerday?

That's right! Makerday has moved to the virtual world. We will have 3d interactive models, a plethora of graphics and videos to learn and explore, and a Zoom panel with live demos, all in a virtual Watt Atrium. 

  • Architecture Computational Design Group