Clemson's Largest show-and-tell 

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Student Creations

Every day, students create something amazing and unique all across campus. Makerday is their time to shine! Interested in getting your project on display? Just sign up using the link above! There is no cost to display or present.

Interactive exhibits 

Many organizations participate in Makerday to show off what they've created. Others are better geared towards what YOU can create! Interactive exhibits such as laser engraved keychains, Virtual Reality, and others take part every semester, so there is never a lack of fun and engaging things to do! 


Project presentations

Students representing different colleges and organizations can take the next step and sign up to present their projects to a captive audience! This option is geared towards long-term and less-visual projects that deserve an explanation.

Free t-shirts!

And if all that wasn't enough, We offer free T-shirts for every attendee, prepared and screen printed by you! You can walk out of Watt wearing our most popular Makerday keepsake, with a student designed graphic you can be proud to support.