Some Frequently asked Questions..

If you have not yet visited the makerspace, or have any burning questons, look no further than our FAQ section! And if you don't see what you're looking for here, you can always fill in the informaton in the 'Contact us' box at the bottom of this page. 

Q: "Are there any printers open?"

   A: The printers are used based on a first-come, first-served basis. If you'd like to print, check for any printers that are empty or have just finished a different print, and make sure no one else was about to use it before uploading your print.

Q: "I've never been here before, how do I start a print?"

   A: This is a very common question. It is preferred that you read the canvas page regarding operation of the printers before using them, and required for operating the laser engravers. This makes it easier on the interns , since training can take awhile. If you do not yet have the Makerspace course page on your Canvas, you can add it via this button: 

Q: "When is the Makerspace open?"

   A: That question is answered in the 'hours' section of this website, at the top menu. The schedule is subject to change based on external events, so be sure to check before making any reservations.

Q: "Do I need to sign in even if I'm only picking up a part?"

   A: In a nutshell; Yes, yes you do.

Q: "Is this a free service?"

   A: The Makerspace is 100% free (with the exception of the Makerspace vending machine) to any and all.

Q: "How many printers can I use at once"

   A: Users are limited to only one total printer at a time.

Q: "The Makerspace is closed but there are people inside, can I go in?"

  A: If The Makerspace is locked with people inside, it is usually because the Makerspace is closed, and the interns are working on projects for the space that they could not otherwise, for example if all of the laser reservations are booked when it is open. The interns working then can (but are NOT required) to let you in.