December 3rd 2020, 3-6pm 

Clemson's Premiere (Virtual) Show and Tell

Come check it out!

Makerday is a celebration of Clemson's creators, innovators and doers. It is an opportunity for any student, club, or organization to show off

things that they have created this past year. This year will be different than previous years in that Makerday 9 is entirely VIRTUAL, complete with Interactive 3D Objects and live presentations via Zoom. Be sure to sign up now if you'd like to be part of this one-of-a-kind experience!

Nothing is off limits!

We've had virtual reality demos, off-road cars, 3D printed armor, homemade instruments, and much more.

We want YOU, sign up and bring out what you've created!

Virtual Makerday?

That's right! Makerday has moved to the virtual world. We will have 3d interactive models, a plethora of graphics and videos to learn and explore, and a Zoom panel with live demos, all in a virtual Watt Atrium. 

Other Activities!
- Check out Medical Devices 3D-Printed by Nursing
- Learn how to produce Biodiesel from cooking oil
- Enter the virtual Watt Center to explore the various projects
- And so much more!
If you're interested in showing off what you've done this semester sign up